Zlatni Rat

Enjoy the sea air on Brač’s Zlatni Rat

Croatia is a synonym for the sun, the sea and holidays. Zlatni Rat, also known as the Golden Horn of Croatia, is a particularly famous beach. The term “horn”, by the way, does not come anywhere. From a bird’s eye view, the beach actually looks like a horn sicking out into the turquoise blue sea. Its unusual form makes it so popular that many tourists decide to visit it while in Croatia, or even rent a room directly on-site.

The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) near Brač: Always new

The Horn is located in Dalmatia, on the edge of the island of Brač and near the town of Bol. Zlatni Rat is a bright pebble beach in contrast with the glittering blue sea water, where visitors are offered a heavenly ambience. The pine forest extending far into the beach creates a Mediterranean atmosphere. The pine trees grow further inland and stretch in height through the strikingly shaped hills in the surroundings. The Horn possesses an astonishing feature: its shape is constantly changing due to the sea currents. Sometimes the 500-meter long Zlatni Rat near Brač sticks out straight into the sea, and sometimes its tip leans to the left or right. This effect is completely natural. Zlatni Rat is one of the most unusual beaches in Croatia!


The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat): how to get there

Whoever wants to discover the beautiful beaches of Brač must first reach the island. In the Croatian city of Split, in high season there is a number of ferries for Brač every day, so you can easily take a ferry to Supetar. The ride lasts 50 minutes, and the ferries are intended for both people and cars. In high season, you might have to wait in lines for a ferry. Supetar is 35 kilometres away from the Horn on the other side of the island. Alternatively, there is a possibility of taking a ferry from Makarska, and the ride is about ten minutes longer. In the vicinity of Zlatni Rat, there is a possibility of parking on a parking lot which requires payment.

The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) of Brač: On-site comfort

The Horn is suitable for family holidays or holidays for couples. The beach has a Blue Flag. The water is shallow, so children and non-swimmers can enjoy it as well. The pine forest nearby provides natural shade. There is also a possibility of renting parasols on the beach. The surroundings are well adapted to the desires and needs of tourists. Scuba diving, renting of pedalos and playing of different games is possible in various places. There is even a water park for the children! In addition, there are various other possibilities of doing sports activities such as water sports. You can also go biking or play beach volleyball. Furthermore, there is a vast variety of food, snack and recreation options. The area is very well equipped with sanitary installations.

The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) of Croatia – other attractions nearby

Dragon’s Cave Murvica is located six miles west of Bol. You can reach this artistically decorated cave on foot. Sightseeing is only possible with the appropriate shoes and a guide. The peak Vidova Gora gives you a magical panoramic view of the sea, including Zlatni Rat and the island of Hvar located on the other side. The climb from the Church of Our Lady of Carmel lasts for about two hours. The Blaca Hermitage is a historically interesting monument with an observatory and a monastery.