Hiking on the island of Brač

The island of Brač for eco-friendly guests and those who enjoy hiking

The beautiful island of Brač has a surface of 395 square kilometres and approximately 14,500 inhabitants, which makes it the biggest Dalmatian island. Its name probably originates from the ancient Illyrian term “brentos” (= deer). Brač lives from tourism, viticulture, olive growing, fishing and mining of precious stones.

The region is intended in particular for tourists who enjoy hiking and going on long walks in nature. On the coast you are offered the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and bays, while in the inland of the island you can take different themed and trekking trails and routes if you would like to explore the area.

If you enjoy hiking on your holidays, you can take the island trails which will lead you through picturesque forests, evergreen shrubland and idyllic vineyards and olive groves. You can also visit numerous chapels, churches and monasteries or climb to the highest peak of Brač, Vidova Gora, and enjoy a beautiful view from a height of 778 meters. Remember to always have a map of Brač handy, so you don’t get lost.

Hiking on Brač – the steep road to Vidova Gora

The trekking route leading to Vidova Gora partially passes through extremely steep trails which will bring you to the top. The climb is relatively intense, so you should be in good shape in order to be able to handle it. After the climb, you will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of the whole island, and under your feet you will see the famous beach Zlatni Rat near the coastal town of Bol. Whoever would like to experience an even more intense hiking route on Brač, can choose to climb the mountain on the south side.

Route “Dolce Vita”

The hiking route called “Dolce Vita” is a successful combination of local tradition, sophisticated culture and fine gastronomy. It is in fact an educational and culinary tour leading you through a wonderful area of pure nature in the close vicinity of the agro restaurant “Ranjak”. There are also two art galleries, five restaurants and a vineyard which you can visit, enter and where you can take a break.

Brač and hiking through olive groves

Hiking through the olive groves of Brač begins in the idyllic village of Mirca, about four kilometers west of Supetar, the only town of the island. There, you can take a stroll along the coastal promenade before going hiking, or admire the Early Christian mosaics from the 6th century near the church. An approximately six-kilometer long walk through the gardens and olive groves will lead you to the village of Prihod, where you can buy original souvenirs.

Brač and hiking on the themed trail “Heraklo” (“Heracles”)

The themed trail “Heraklo” (“Heracles”) will lead you through the village Splitska, six kilometres east of Supetar, up to a quarry on a hill. In the past, minerals that were excavated there were used for the building a number of remarkable monuments, such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split. In the quarry, you can take a break and admire the image of Heracles, the Greek god of healing and prophecy, engraved on stone.

Guided hiking on the island of Brač: the road to the Blaca Hermitage

Along with going hiking and exploring Brač, you should absolutely pay a visit to the Blaca Hermitage, a unique monastery complex founded in the 16th century by the Glagolitic priests. The visit is in fact a guided tour whose organizer can be found in Sutivan, eight kilometres west of Supetar. Among other things, the organizer also offers various other excursions and trekking tours. You can get the hiking map of Brač on-site or find it online.