Off-road tour by quad on the island of Brač

Brač as a holiday destination offers you stunningly beautiful scenery full of beaches, hidden bays and wooded areas in the inland of the island. The surroundings are best explored on a quad tour.

Off-road tour for a unique adventure on the island

The holiday destination Brač is an approximately 40-kilometre long Dalmatian island with beaches whose overall length equals 175 kilometres. Along with the crystal clear blue sea and the secluded bays, the landscape is also characterised by the 778-meter high Vidova Gora, the largest mountain of all Adriatic islands. There are more than 40 caves on the shore, as well as several fresh water sources in the inland of the island, which make its landscape unique. In order to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the island, you can choose to explore it on foot or by bicycle. There is also one other off-road tour option – a quad.

Quad ride in Croatia – a pure adventure

When it’s summer, the quad offers you a pleasant alternative way to enjoy the fun, recreation and nature. It gives you a chance to reach the most secluded parts of the island of Brač without getting tired. The quad ride is ideal not only for those who enjoy motor sports and off-road tours, but also for adventurous tourists who can find a variety of ways to enjoy the secluded beaches, beautiful landscapes, untouched nature and breath-taking scenery with this kind of motorised vehicle. There are different quad ride offers available to you on the island of Brač. We would be happy to arrange a quad tour for you and offer you the right vehicle with all the equipment you might need.

Off-road tours in Croatia – conditions and information

As opposed to driving a motorcycle, you do not need to maintain balance when driving a quad since quads are equipped with four wheels. However, as a quad is a motorized vehicle, certain safety measures have to be taken into account and followed. In order to drive it, you need to have sturdy shoes with slip-resistant soles which will provide you with stability on the surface. It is recommended that you wear long trousers in order to avoid burns. In Croatia, wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but such equipment provides you with the necessary protection in the event of an accident. You should also have a certain level of physical fitness in order to be able to handle off-road rides and to fully enjoy the tour. In order to be able to drive a quad in Croatia, you also need a B category driver’s license. You can have an S category license only if the quad is smaller than 50cm.

Possible quad excursion sites on the island of Brač

Guided quad tours allow you to safely explore the island of Brač. Experienced guides will show you the most beautiful parts of the island by taking the safest roads. Many of those roads lead to the inland of the island, through windy forest trails and numerous puddles up to Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic Sea. You will be able to enjoy the breath-taking scenery while traveling along dirt roads leading down to the sea and to hidden bays where you can swim and enjoy yourself on enchanting beaches. You can refresh yourself in cold water or enjoy a glass or wine in a typical local tavern at sundown.