The best water sports

Boat rides, kitesurfing and scuba diving on Brač

The Croatian island of Brač is known for its several kilometers long coasts surrounding the most beautiful beaches. Those who would like a break from sunbathing and swimming in the refreshing sea, should absolutely not miss the water activities, which involve exploratory boat tours, kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling in crystal clear waters etc.

Renting a boat on Brač

There is a large variety of boats to rent on Brač, from small rowing boats or pedalos to motorised speedboats or sailing yachts. In the south of the island in particular, for example in Sumartin, there is a vast offer of charter yachts and boats. You can also visit Bol in order to rent a boat. The picturesque fishing village of Bol is known for its many beautiful beaches, including the unusually shaped Zlatni Rat, which according to the Daily Telegraph is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. If you do not have a license to operate a boat, there is a possibility of renting one which will then be operated by a skipper. In addition, we would also like to recommend the possibility of a guided boat trip to the neighbouring islands such as Hvar or Šolta as an alternative to renting a boat in Bol.

Brač as a water sports and kitesurfing paradise

In recent years, kitesurfing has turned into the most popular water sport. Having both feet on the kiteboard equipped with a sail will allow you to perform fantastic jumps and experience wonderful moments which give you an adrenaline rush whenever there are perfect waves and wind. In order to learn how to surf on Brač as quickly as possible, it’s best you take some of the available courses.

If you are an experienced kite surfer, you can rent the equipment you need in many places on Brač. The most popular place for kiteboarding is Bol. Its position between two islands, as well as the heat present there, create the perfect conditions for a fantastic experience. The kitesurfing school in Bol offers you a variety of multi-day courses for beginners and advanced surfers. Optional private lessons are also available. You will be taught about the theoretical and practical bases of kitesurfing, material composition, safe start and landing, as well as all about safety and behaviour rules.

Scuba diving on Brač: experience the beautiful underwater world

Scuba diving offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with a whole new world from up close. Underwater, you will be greeted by untouched flora and fauna, and sometimes also by flooded shipwrecks, which represent the most attractive diving areas. One of the most attractive areas for underwater experiences on Brač is the cave Lučice. In this large two-part cave, you will see a colourful world of underwater plants, interesting coral shapes and various colourful fish. As a professional diver, you can rent the equipment you need on multiple locations on the island. In addition, you can also find a few professional diving schools, such as the Big Blue Diving Centre in Bol. For beginners, it is best to start with a diving course in the Adriatic Sea in order to get acquainted with the equipment for their first underwater experiences. You can also choose snorkelling as an alternative to scuba diving. Snorkelling on the island of Brač is simple and easy to learn for all age groups, and it offers you a fantastic insight into and knowledge of the enchanting underwater world within a short time.