Make use of our services and additional features

In order to turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience, we offer different on-site services.

Complete service in one place. We only cooperate with the best restaurants and clubs around Croatia where our guests enjoy special treatment and experience unforgettable moments.

A luxury mercedes on the port of Brač

Renting a car

We would be happy to rent a car for you (also with option of private chauffeur), regardless of whether you need it just for a few days or during your whole stay with us.

A luxury boat on the sea

Renting a boat

The countryside of the island of Brač is best explored at sea, so we can offer you a variety of boats to rent and also boat/yacht tours to top destinations like Hvar, Palmižana, Pakleni island, Volta, Blue Cave, Krknjaši, Vis, etc.

Sutivan docks with boats

Sea transport from the airport

We can organise sea transport to and from the airport for you including Wi-Fi, fresh water and fruits/snacks for all passengers/guests.

Sightseeing tours

We would be happy to organise different sightseeing tours during which you will be able to explore and become acquainted with the entire landscape of Brač.

A person using a spoon to cover food with some type of sauce

Private chef

To delight your palate and enjoy the delicious and unforgettable flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, we can arrange a private chef for you!

Special requests?

In order to make your holiday in our villas a High-End experience for any special request you may have feel free to contact our consierge service.